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GN 01734.025 Luxembourg Liaison Agencies

A. Kinds of liaison agencies

There are five liaison agencies in Luxembourg that are responsible for implementing the Luxembourg agreement. The General Inspectorate is the central office in the organization and there are four agencies which administer benefit and coverage provisions. There is no difference in the benefits paid by each agency. The agencies are divided based on the following general categories:

  • white collar workers

  • blue collar workers

  • self-employed workers

  • farmers

The agency to which the worker last paid contributions has jurisdiction of the claim.

B. List of agencies addresses

Following is a list of addresses for the Luxembourg agencies:


Agency Address
Inspection Generale de la Securite Sociale
Rue Zithe, 26
L-2763 Luxembourg
Separate Agencies



    Establissement d'Assurance contre la

    Vieillesse et l'Invalidite

    125 route d'Esch

    L-1471 Luxembourg


    Caisse de Pension des Employes Prives

    1A bd Prince Henri

    L-1724 Luxembourg


    Caisse de Pension des Artisans, des

    Commercants et Industriels

    39 rue Glesener

    L-1631 Luxembourg


    Caisse de Pensions Agricole

    2 rue du Fort Wallis

    L-2714 Luxembourg

C. Procedure

Use this procedure to determine where to send correspondence for a Luxembourg agency.


If you are.. then write to..
sending a claim for
Luxembourg benefits or
requesting a Luxembourg
coverage record
the General Inspectorate.
responding to a Luxembourg
agency request for
the requesting office.

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