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GN 01736.310 Irish Agency Requests for Medical Examinations

A. Background

If the Irish liaison agency requests a medical examination for a U.S. resident, SSA will schedule the examination and send the results to the Irish agency.

B. Process

The following process is used for obtaining medical examinations for Ireland. (See GN 01704.810 for general information on processing requests for medical examinations.)

  • Irish agency requests for medical examinations are made in item 4.B. on form IRL/USA 3 which is accompanied by a form IRL/USA 6, Disability Liaison Form and, if laboratory tests or x-rays are needed, a form IRL/USA 6a, Disability Liaison Form Attachment.

  • SSA schedules an examination or forwards “pertinent medical evidence” from files as described in GN 01704.810.

  • SSA requests reimbursement for the cost of medical examinations obtained for Ireland using form SSA-1278-U3-IR.

C. Exhibit of form SSA-1278- U3-IR

D. Exhibit of form IRL/USA 6

E. Exhibit of form IRL/USA 6a

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