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GN 01738.235 Facts About the Greek Liaison Form GR/USA 3

A. Policy

IKA uses Form GR/USA 3 to:

  • transmit claims and related material to OIO or the FSP in Athens,

  • send requested information to OIO, and

  • request information from OIO.

B. Description of form GR/USA 3

1. Part 1

Part 1 contains general information and includes space for IKA to list the information needed for OIO to locate an unknown SSN. It also provides check blocks for IKA to indicate the type of claim for U.S. and/or Greek benefits.

2. Part 2

Part 2 contains spaces for IKA to indicate claimants' names, dates of birth and other information and to indicate whether those dates have been verified by acceptable evidence.

3. Part 3

Part 3 contains information from IKA that indicates evidence is attached or that it will follow.

4. Part 4

Part 4 contains a list of the types of information that IKA might request from OIO along with the remark that the information is needed to process a claim under the agreement.

5. Part 5

Part 5 contains space for IKA to indicate to OIO the date that it forwarded a claim for U.S. benefits to the FSP in Athens.

C. Procedure

In addition to the procedures for handling foreign agency liaison forms contained in GN 01704.000ff, also follow these guidelines.

  • In OIO, treat any indication under the “U.S. Benefits” column in part 1.E. as a claims lead for U.S. benefits unless IKA indicates in Part 5 that the claim was transferred to the Athens FSP.

  • Return to IKA, via Form SSA-2960-U3-GR, any request that does not indicate that it is needed to process a claim under the agreement, unless written consent to disclose is attached, or there is an SSA-2490-F4 in file, signed by the claimant.

  • When Greece requests only a U.S. coverage record, use the GR/USA 3 to respond rather than preparing a new SSA-2960-U3-GR. To do this, reverse the heading of the “TO”/“FROM” blocks at the top of the form and staple the coverage record to the GR/USA 3.

    Place the material in an envelope addressed to IKA. Use a pre-printed label to address the envelope.

D. Exhibit - Greece - U.S. agreement on Social Security transmittal/request/certification

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