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GN 01740.106 How to Evaluate Chilean Coverage Certifications

A. Background

  • During the period from 1973 – 1990, Chile was governed by a military regime, and many individuals were prevented from working during this period. To compensate these individuals, Chile will grant a period of noncontributory coverage up to a maximum of 54 months. The specific “FROM –TO” date for this coverage is not shown on the CHI/USA 5. The total months of coverage are shown and the comment “law for exonerated” is entered in the space for designating the pension system.

  • The presence of Chilean periods of coverage after disability onset is not necessarily an indication of work. It is possible to obtain Chilean coverage that is not related to work. Therefore, development of substantial gainful activity (SGA) should not be initiated based only on the presence of Chilean coverage after disability onset.

B. Description of required entries

  • The correct worker's name must be shown in Part 1 of Form CHI/USA 5. (Completion of the other items in Part I is not required.)

  • A “FROM” – “TO” entry must be shown for each period in which there is an entry in the “months” column unless the entry is for the special noncontributory coverage described above.

  • A “months” entry must be shown for each “FROM” – “TO” period and the number of months must be equal to or less than the number of months in the corresponding “FROM” – “TO” period. (Entries should not be shown for “days” and “years.”)

  • The Form CHI/USA 5 must be properly certified, including the signature and official stamp.

  • If any of the required information is missing, route the case to CPSI for evaluation.

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