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GN 01741.220 Application Form for Korean Benefits

A. Introduction

A special Korean application form (KOR/USA 1) is used to take claims for Korean benefits (regular or Totalization) from persons filing in SSA field offices (FO). This section explains how to get the application form as well as how to take a claim for Korean benefits using the special Korean application form.

B. Process

The special application form is taken in the FO. The Korean application form, along with instructions on how to complete the application, is available through the Totalization Benefits Resource Kit on the Intranet here. The FO should print the application form and the instructions and give them to the applicant to complete. After the Korean application form is completed, the FO should send it along with any evidence submitted by the applicant to the Office of International Operations (OIO). OIO will send the claim directly to the Korean agency along with a copy of the applicant's U.S. coverage record.

C. Procedure

If an applicant wishes to apply for Korean benefits, the FO personnel should:

  • Access the Totalization Benefits Resource Kit on the Intranet here.

  • Print the Korean application form (KOR/USA 1) and instructions for completing the form and give them to the applicant. The applicant must complete the form.

  • Provide any necessary assistance in completing the Korean application form.

  • Photocopy and certify any documents (evidence) to include with the Korean claim.

  • Send the claim (and certified photocopies) to OIO in Baltimore.

NOTE: Most individuals filing for Korean benefits should be able to complete the KOR/USA 1 without assistance using the instructions provided with the application.

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