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GN 01744.310 Australian Agency Requests for Medical Examinations


If Centrelink requests a medical examination for a U.S. resident, SSA will schedule the examination and send the results to Centrelink International Services.


The following process is used for obtaining medical examination for Australia. (See GN 01704.810 for general information on processing requests for medical examinations.)

1. Centrelink Requests for Medical Examinations

Centrelink requests for medical examinations are made in item D on form AUS/USA 3.

2. SSA Schedules Examination or Forwards Pertinent Medical Evidence

SSA schedules an examination or forwards “pertinent medical evidence” from SSA files.

Pertinent medical evidence is evidence that was obtained by SSA in connection with a continuing disability review or a disability claim filed or adjudicated within a year of the date for which Centrelink has specifically requested medical evidence.

SSA's files include claims folders in OIO, in OCO's Megasite, or in the caves in Kansas City.

3. SSA Requests Reimbursement for Cost of Medical Examinations

SSA requests reimbursement for the cost of medical examinations obtained for Australia using form SSA-1278-AUS (USA/AUS-9). Once completed, this form should be scanned into the electronic file.

NOTE: This form may be printed from the SSA Totalization Forms section of the Totalization Resource Kit.


Requests for Medical Examinations/Evidence, GN 01704.810

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