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GN 01748.305 Life to Death Conversions – Denmark Agreement

A. Policy

The eligibility for Danish survivor benefits under the FP and ATP programs are as follows:

1. Widow(er) under the Anticipatory Pension (AP)

A surviving spouse/cohabiter would be entitled to three months pension benefit from the deceased beneficiary if the two lived in a household and were both receiving Danish social pension. The system is automatic and a separate application is not needed in this process.

2. Widow(er) under Labour Market Supplementary Pension (ATP)

A surviving spouse under the ATP system must apply for benefits and qualify for benefits if certain conditions are met. An application must be filed in order to receive the lump sum benefits. The following conditions must be met in order to qualify for lump sum benefits.

If the worker was born after 1936.

  • Member contributions made prior to January 1, 2002.

  • Member contributions made after December 31, 2001 for at lease two years, the surviving spouse or common –law spouse could be eligible.

  • The lump sum benefit is reduced if the worker dies between ages 66 to 70.

Benefits are not payable if the worker dies after age 70.

B. References

GN 01703.260, How to Process Life-to Death Conversions

GN 01747.020, Danish Social Security Benefits - Eligibility Requirements

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