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GN 01752.030 Kasa Rolniczego Ubezpieczenia Spolecznego (KRUS) Liaison Agency

A. Introduction - KRUS

Zaklad Ubezpieczen Spolecznych (ZUS) or Kasa Rolniczego Ubezpieczenia Spolecznego (KRUS) will be the only Republic of Poland insurance agencies that will be used to communicate and process the agreement workload. If periods of agriculture are alleged all applications go to KRUS for a determination.

B. Procedure – transmitting information to and/or from KRUS

Transmit information to and/or request information from KRUS via form SSA-2960-USA/PL3.

See the following address and contact information for KRUS:

Kasa Rolniczego Ubezpieczenia Spolecznego (KRUS)
Oddzial Regionalny w Krakowie
Placowka Terenowa KRUS w Nowym Saczu
Ul. Mlynska 8
33-300 Nowy Sacz, Poland

This office investigates claims for benefits from KRUS under the Agreement for claimants residing in Poland, in the USA or in third country.

This office is responsible for PL/USA 4 (Retirement/Disability Application), PL/USA 5 (Survivor Benefit Application), USA/PL6 (ICERS) PL/USA 7 (Request for Medical Evaluation), PL/USA 8 (Reimbursement for Medical Evaluation Expense) or PL/USA 10 (Burial/Funeral Benefit Application).

C. Exhibits of Polish Forms

The following forms may be printed from the SSA Totalization Forms section of the Totalization Resource Kit on the Office of International Operations (OIO) webpage:





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