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GN 01756.310 Hungarian Liaison Agency Requests for Medical Examinations

A. Background – Hungarian Liaison Agency requests a medical examination

If the Hungarian liaison agency requests a medical examination for a U.S. resident, SSA will schedule the examination and send the results to the liaison agency.

B. Process for Hungarian Liaison Agency to obtain medical examinations

To obtain medical examinations for the liaison agency, use the following process:

1. Hungarian Liaison Agency requests for medical examinations

The Hungarian liaison agency requests medical examinations using the Form SSA e2960 HU-USA 3 (Hungary – U.S. Agreement on Social Security Transmittal/Request/Certification Form).

2. SSA schedules examination or forwards medical evidence

Medical evidence is evidence that SSA obtained in connection with a continuing disability review or a disability claim filed or adjudicated within a year of the date for which the Hungarian liaison agency has specifically requested medical evidence. SSA schedules an examination, or forwards “pertinent medical evidence” from SSA files to the Hungarian liaison agency. SSA's files include paper claims folders and electronic files.

3. SSA requests reimbursement for cost of medical examinations

SSA requests reimbursement for the cost of medical examinations obtained for the Hungarian liaison agency using Form SSA 1278 U.S.-HU-9 (Request for Payment of Reimbursable Expenses under U.S. / Hungary Agreement on Social Security). Once the form is completed, scan it into the electronic file and send a copy to:

National Office for Rehabilitation and Social Affairs


1071 Budapest, Damjanich utca 48. Hungary


Note: You can print this form from the SSA Totalization Forms section of the Office of Earnings and International Operations, Division of International Operations Totalization Resource Kit.

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