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GN 01757.020 Brazilian Benefits Eligibility Requirements

A. Types of Brazilian social security benefits

This section describes old-age, disability, and survivor benefits offered under the General Regime of Social Security (RGPS) and Regime of Social Security for Public Servants (RPPS). These are the only Brazilian benefits included within the scope of the agreement, see GN01757.110.

1. Old-age benefit

RGPS and RPPS pays old-age benefits to persons who meet minimum age and contribution requirements.

  • Retirement age for urban residents is typically 65 for men and 60 for women. In rural areas, the retirement age for men is age 60 and age 55 for women.

  • Men with 35 years of contributions or women with 30 years of contributions can receive a pension at any age.

  • Both RGPS and RPPS require a minimum of 180 months coverage.

2. Disability benefits

RGPS and RPPS pays benefits to two classes of disability beneficiaries:

  • Permanent disability benefits are for beneficiaries who are permanently incapable of working. Eligibility for permanent disability benefits requires that the beneficiary have at least 12 months of covered earnings, cease work, and be permanently incapable of working.

  • Temporary disability benefits are payable to beneficiaries whose disability prevents them from working for more than 15 days. Once a beneficiary receives temporary disability benefits for two years, Brazil deems the person permanently disabled.

3. Survivor Benefits

RGPS and RPPS survivor benefits are payable to dependent widow(er)s; partners; minor children under age 21 or who are disabled; parents of the deceased; and unmarried siblings who are either under age 21 or disabled.

If there is no eligible surviving spouse, partner, or child, the order of payments is as follows: parents and then siblings who are either under age 21 or disabled.

Eligibility for survivor benefits do not require a minimum period of coverage. However, the deceased worker must have had recent coverage under the Brazilian system at the time of death.

B. Applicant questions about Brazilian benefits

Advise applicants that we cannot give official information about Brazilian benefits. Refer applicants who want official information to contact the:

National Social Insurance Institute (INSS) PREVCartas Caixa Postal 09714 CEP 70040-976 Brasília/DF

For more information, applicants can also visit Previdência Social.

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