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GN 01760.020 Uruguayan Benefits Eligibility Requirements

A. Types of Uruguayan social security benefits

This section describes old-age retirement, disability, and survivors benefits. These are the only Uruguayan benefits included within the scope of the agreement. This information corresponds to the second and third pillars of the Uruguayan social security system discussed in GN 01760.010.

B. Description of eligibility requirements

1. Old-age Retirement benefits

a. Old-age benefit

To qualify for an old-age benefit, a worker must be at least age 60 with a minimum of 30 years of contributions. Women receive one year of credit (up to five years) for each child (biological or adopted) in their care. Additional years are credited to teachers and workers in hazardous occupations.

b. Deferred benefit

A person may elect to defer receipt of his or her benefit until age 70 at which point he or she will be eligible for a higher benefit amount.

2. Disability benefits

Uruguay has two types of disability benefits, total and temporary. To qualify for total disability benefits, a worker must be completely incapable of any type of work. For temporary disability benefit, the worker must be incapable of performing the same work that he or she performed at the time the disability occurred. This temporary allowance is payable for only 3 years. An applicant for either type of disability benefit must:

a. have a minimum of 2 years of covered earnings (with at least six months of coverage immediately prior to the disability onset); and

b. not be receiving retirement benefits.

NOTE: If the worker first became disabled before age 26, the two-year minimum contribution period is waived but the six-month requirement remains. If the worker’s disability onset was directly linked to his or her work activity, both coverage requirements are waived.

3. Survivors benefits

Uruguay pays survivors benefits to the following:

a. a widow(er) or registered partner in a consensual union;

b. unmarried children under age 21 or children of the worker who were disabled prior to age 21;

c. divorced spouses entitled to alimony at time of the worker’s death; and

d. disabled parents of the worker who were dependent on the worker at the time of his or her death.

NOTE: The deceased worker must have been working, receiving, or eligible to receive an old-age or disability benefit or sickness, maternity, work injury or unemployment benefits. In the case of unemployment benefits, the worker must have died within the 12-month period after unemployment benefits terminated.

Administrative organization Uruguayan benefits

The Banco de Prevision Social (Social Security Bank) operates the pension system of Uruguay. If inquirers request additional information about Uruguayan benefits, advise that the Social Security Administration (SSA) cannot provide official information about Uruguayan benefits. Refer all inquiries about the Uruguayan pension system to the following address:

Banco de Prevision Social
Convenios Internacionales
Colonia 1881 piso 2,
C.P. 11200
Montevideo, Uruguay

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