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GN 01770.020 Slovenian Benefits Eligibility Requirements

A. Types of Slovenian social security benefits

This section describes old-age, retirement, disability, and survivors benefits. These are the only Slovenian benefits included within the scope of the agreement.

B. Description of eligibility requirements

1. Old-age retirement benefit

To qualify for an old-age benefit, a worker must be age:

  • 65 with 15 years of service; or

  • 60 with 40 years of service for early retirement

2. Disability benefits

a. Slovenia has three categories of disability beneficiaries

  • Category I-disabled workers completely incapable of work

  • Category II-disabled workers over age 55 or unable to rehabilitate who have lost 50% of their work capacity

  • Category III- disabled workers who can work at least 4 hours a day, but not without prior rehabilitation

b. To qualify for disability benefits, a worker:

  • age 30 or older must have worked 1/3 of the period between attainment of age 20 and the date of disability onset

  • age 21-29 must have worked at least 1/4 of the same period

  • younger than age 21, must have worked at least 3 months

3. Survivor benefits

Slovenia pays survivor benefits to the following:

  • widow(er)s or surviving partner/cohabitants, who are at least age 53 at the time of the worker's death (receipt of the benefit is deferred until age 58), disabled, caring for a child of the worker, or who give birth to a child of the worker within 300 days of the worker's death.

  • surviving partner/cohabitants who, in addition to the requirements above, must have either cohabited for 3 years prior to worker's death or for at least the past year if they had a child.

  • divorced spouses entitled to a maintenance right (alimony) prior to the worker’s death.

  • children under age 15, or until age 18 if registered at an employment office, age 26 if attending a secondary or tertiary (universities, trade schools and colleges) level educational institution, or without age limit if disabled.

  • stepchildren, adopted children, and grandchildren who were in the worker's care at the time of his or her death.

  • parents, adoptive parents, and grandparents who were in the worker's care at the time of his or her death

C. Administrative organization for Slovenian benefits

The Institute for Pension and Invalidity Insurance of Slovenia (IPII) operates the pension system of Slovenia. If inquirers request additional information about Slovenian benefits, advise them that the Social Security Administration (SSA) cannot provide official information about Slovenian benefits. Refer all inquirers seeking additional information about the Slovenian pension system to the following address:

Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of Slovenia
Kolodvorska 15 SI-1518 Ljubljana

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