TN 83 (05-24)

GN 02210.220 Request for Waiver - $2,000 Tolerance - Debt Contact Representative (DCR)/Debt Specialist (DS) Actions

A. Policy for administrative waiver tolerance

When a debtor requests waiver of recovery of an overpayment and the liability is $2,000 or less, waive recovery unless there is some indication that the debtor may be at fault. For more information on the $2,000 administrative waiver tolerance, see:

  • GN 02250.350A.1 Waiver For Overpayments due to Dollar Down Rounding

  • SI 02260.030 Impede Effective or Efficient Administration of Title XVI of the Act

The administrative waiver tolerance can only be used if there is a specific or implied request for waiver from the debtor or his or her representative payee. Do not solicit a waiver solely because the overpayment amount is $2,000 or less.

The DCR has the authority to process and approve a Title II or Title XVI waiver request when:

  • The original overpayment amount is $2,000 or less,

  • There is no indication of fault, and

  • There is a single debtor on the Master Beneficiary Record (MBR).

The DS has the authority to process all other situations involving the $2,000 tolerance.

B. Procedure for DCR actions on a waiver request

1. How to Take Request

  1. a. 

    Review the ROAR record to verify the amount of the original overpayment before taking a waiver request using this provision.

    Title II - Review the MBR or Inquiry Response (QRSL) to determine the total household liability.

    Refer to the DS for appropriate action when there is more than one debtor on the MBR.

    Title XVI - Obtain an SSR to determine total liability.

  2. b. 

    If the original overpayment was $2,000 or less, obtain and input into the Remarks (RMKS) screen in DMS (MSOM DMS 009.003) the following information from the debtor :

    • debtor's statement that they are requesting waiver,

    • amount of the overpayment,

    • account number on which the overpayment was made,

    • debtor's name, and

    • number holder's name (if different).

2. How to Document Decision

If there is a single debtor on the MBR, document the waiver determination following the instruction in GN 02250.315 and proceed as follows:

a. Title II Debt

  • Enter the Debt Number on the Debt Resolution Menu (DRMU) screen per ( MSOM DMS 006.002 ).

  • Input the waiver approval to the Waiver Approval under $2,000 (DRWP) screen per (MSOM DMS 006.006 ).

  • Document the Remarks screen with your decision;

  • Example: Laura Cole requested waiver for her $350 overpayment 05/01/2017. Approving the waiver based on the $2,000 admin waiver tolerance as it appears she is not at fault in causing the overpayment. – Sandy Smith, FO C88

  • Send the waiver approval notice.

b. Title XVI Debt

  • Input an SSA-1719 OPUP with a completed waiver (WA) field. Complete the WA field to send an automated notice to the address on the SSR.

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