TN 17 (02-93)

GN 02215.155 Joining a Representative Payee and Beneficiary

A. Policy

The person from whom recovery is sought must be legally liable for refunding the overpayment (GN 02205.001 - GN 02205.007).

In representative payee cases, the U.S. Attorney will consider recovery from both the payee and the beneficiary provided:

  • Both are liable for repayment; and

  • Formal demand has been made on both payee and beneficiary (or, if the beneficiary is incompetent because of minority or mental disability, on his/ her guardian, parent, or other representative); and

  • Each has sufficient income or financial resources to repay the debt.

In some cases an overpayment has been made to a beneficiary on his/her own behalf and also as representative payee on behalf of another beneficiary, such as mother and child. In such a case, there may be joint and several, as well as separate, liability. The beneficiary is solely liable for the overpayment made to him/her and may, as a representative payee, be jointly and severally liable with the beneficiary on whose behalf he/she received an incorrect payment.

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