TN 14 (02-98)

GN 02250.255 Acceptable Proof


List of Acceptable Proofs The following are acceptable proofs:

1. Income

  • Pay stubs

  • Workers' compensation award letters

  • VA and RRB award letters

  • DEQY facility verification

2. Expenses

  • Current rent receipts, mortgage payment books, cancelled checks or money orders for rent/mortgage payments

  • Most recent 2 or 3 utility bills (gas, electric, fuel, telephone, water, sewage), cancelled checks or money orders for those bills

  • Insurance bills, cancelled checks or money orders for those bills

  • Evidence of any unusually large expenses for the area

    NOTE: In some cases, a reasonable explanation of the expense can serve as proof. For instance, a person with an unusually large food expense may need a special diet for medical purposes.

3. Assets

  • Bank books

  • Bank statements

  • Savings bonds

  • Stock/bond certificates

4. Other Proofs

  • Tax return - Although not necessarily a form of proof, a tax return may provide leads to uncovering additional sources of income and assets. It may also be useful as an indication of standard of living, financial obligations, number of dependents, etc.

  • Proof of payment due - when a person shows fixed payment which seem to be over the minimum amount due.

  • Proof of support by other people - signed statements from those people is sufficient proof.

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