TN 15 (02-24)

GN 02301.050 Application for Title II Underpayment Due Deceased Beneficiary

A. Request for underpayment due deceased beneficiary

We do not need a written request for payment of an underpayment if the file contains sufficient information to determine the identity and current address of all persons entitled to the underpayment. Otherwise, we require a written request from at least one person entitled to receive a portion of the underpayment.

B. Form SSA-1724 (Claim for Amounts Due in the Case of a Deceased Beneficiary)

We do not require the use of a particular form to request payment of an underpayment. However, Form SSA-1724 (Claim for Amounts Due in the Case of a Deceased Beneficiary) is intended for this purpose. For instructions on handling the SSA-1724 as a lead for survivors claims, see GN 00202.020. You can view a copy of this form on inForm.

NOTE: Document the file with the SSA-1724 or other related documents supporting the claim for the underpayment. See policy for retention of evidentiary documents at GN 01085.030.

1. Information needed in a claim for amounts due the deceased

We need the following information to process the request for the underpayment:

  • the relationship of the applicant to the deceased;

  • the number of individuals in the highest class of priority, and their names and addresses;

  • the Social Security Number (SSN) of the applicant(s) if they have one;

  • whether the deceased had a surviving spouse living in the same household at the time of death; and

  • direct deposit information, if available. We are not required to use direct deposit to issue death underpayments, per GN 02402.005.

NOTE: Even though we do not require Form SSA-1724, we do need the information listed above to process any request for the underpayment.

2. Other individual(s) of equal priority listed in claim for amounts due the deceased

If Form SSA-1724, or equivalent, lists another individual of an equal order of priority, treat the listing as a request for payment from that individual. When we have a complete and current mailing address and direct deposit information, if available, for that individual, and do not need to develop for proof of relationship to the deceased, we do not need to contact that individual before making payment.

3. Valid request for payment after we distribute the underpayment

For any payment request made after the underpayment has been issued, see GN 02301.030D.

4. Foreign applicant files an SSA-1724 claim

For instructions on handling foreign underpayments, see GN 02301.080 through GN 02301.095.

5. Request for refund of Medicare premiums due deceased beneficiary

If we receive a Form SSA-1724 requesting a Medicare premium refund, see HI 01001.325.

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