TN 10 (07-13)

GN 02315.045 District of Columbia Small Estates

A. Policy for value of decedent’s personal estate in the District of Columbia

Where the value of the decedent's personal estate does not exceed $40,000, section 20-351 of the District of Columbia Official Code provides that the property may be administered as a small estate. Under section 20-352 of the District of Columbia Official Code, any person eligible for appointment as the personal representative of an estate may file a verified petition for administration for a small estate.

B. Policy for personal representative for District of Columbia small estate

The court will:

  • appoint a personal representative of the small estate;

  • direct the immediate payment of allowable funeral expenses, direct the sale of property as necessary to satisfy funeral expenses; and

  • if there is any property remaining, admit the will, if any, to probate and direct that notice be given.

Any claims or objections to contest the validity of the small estate proceeding must be filed within 30 days from the publication of notice.

C. Notice required by court for District of Columbia small estate

If the court required notice and 30 days have expired since the publication of notice, the personal representative shall file proof of publication of the notice and a verified list of all claims. The court shall hear any objections filed pursuant to the notice and, if satisfied that all actions were proper, will direct the personal representative to pay all claims and expenses and to distribute the net estate in accordance with the will, or if the decedent died intestate, to the decedent’s heirs. The order of preference for inheritance rights under the intestate law is spouse or domestic partner, children, grandchild, parent, and siblings (the surviving spouse’s share is dependent on the particular facts of each case).

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