TN 9 (06-13)

GN 02315.084 Policy for Vermont Small Estates

Vermont Statutes Annotated, Title14, sections 1901-1903, provide that if a decedent

  • dies with no real estate,

  • has personal property with an appraised true cash value at the date of death which amounts to no more than $10,000, and

  • has a surviving spouse, children of any age, or parents,

then a petition may be filed with the Probate Court for the appointment of an administrator or executor of that estate. See VT. STAT. ANN. Tit. 14, §1901-1903 (2011).

That petition should contain

  • a true and complete inventory of the decedent’s estate sworn to by the petitioner,

  • a copy of the death certificate,

  • a receipt showing that the funeral expenses of the deceased have been paid, or a personal bond in an amount determined by the judge of probate to be reasonable, conditioned for the payment of the funeral expenses of the deceased, within one year from the date of death, and

  • the will, if any.

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