TN 89 (01-18)

GN 02402.105 Correcting Routing Transit Numbers (RTNs) and Deposit Account Numbers (DANs)

A. Background

There are times when the DAN and RTN on beneficiary records need to be updated. This may happen because:

  • The RTN and DAN for a beneficiary was entered incorrectly.

  • Two or more financial institutions (FI) are merging.

  • The FI has purchased one or more branches of another FI.

  • The FI's DAN system has been changed.

  • The FI has been assigned a new RTN.

  • The FI is consolidating payment delivery for multiple branches to one location.

B. Process

1. FI input

The FI uses a Notification of Change (NOC) to notify SSA of each RTN and DAN change.

IMPORTANT: The new information (from a NOC) will appear on the Title II or Title XVI record, but it will not lift an S6 or S06 suspense

a. Where to find NOC instructions

Chapter 6 of the Department of the Treasury's (Treasury) “Green Book”, contains NOC instructions for FIs.

NOTE: An FI or FO may view Treasury's “Green Book” online.

b. How NOCs are transmitted to SSA

FIs transmit NOCs to SSA electronically via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system.  (The ACH is a computer network maintained by the Federal Reserve, through which FIs transmit and receive credits and debits).

2. Field office (FO) and teleservice center (TSC) input

The FO and TSC input an RTN and DAN correction initiated by the beneficiary, recipient or representative payee.  When a beneficiary or recipient with a representative payee requests a change or correction in direct deposit, verify that the payee is still acting prior to inputting the new information.

The FI should use a NOC to make RTN and DAN changes. When a FI contacts a FO to report a RTN change, the FO advises the FI to use NOC procedures and asks to contact the servicing Federal Reserve Bank.

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