TN 14 (04-00)

GN 02406.137 General Status Requests


1. Telephone Followup/Status Requests

  1. For the FO/TSC:

    • Call the DT/FMS general number (855–868–0151) for assistance with general, routine cases.

    • Problem cases: contact the RO/PC.

  2. For the RO Analysts and PC OAS Staff:

    • Call the team telephone numbers for assistance. Do not call the FMS analysts on their direct telephone numbers. This will ensure that all calls are logged for workload tracking and that every request receives attention.

    • For status of credits returned to SSA, RO Analysts and PC OAS Staff may call 202-874-8252. (Hard copies not available.)

2. TFS-3864 Followup Form

Although this form is still accepted by FMS, SSA's use of this form should be limited to status/followup of a non-critical nature since the Robinson class action suit shortened the timeframes in which SSA has to respond to beneficiaries.

Followups should be handled by querying SSA's system, asking your RO/PC to query DT's CP&R system, or by calling DT's customer assistance numbers (GN 02406.1371.a. above).

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