TN 18 (11-08)

GN 02408.400 EFT Stop-Payments

A. General

Three stop codes are available for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments that are not due. This table shows the three situations when these stops should be used.

Stop Code



An EFT (direct deposit) payment (Title II or Title XVI) was issued after death and is not due. An E-stop triggers a reclamation request at Treasury. See EFT Reclamations starting at GN 02408.600.


A Title II EFT payment was not due for a reason other than death, AND Treasury Offset Program (TOP) was involved. This can be either Benefit Payment Offset (BPO) or Federal Payment Levy Program (FPLP).

Treasury reverses the offset amount from the agency to which it was sent and returns it to SSA. See GN 02408.405 Treasury Offset Program (TOP) Involved.


A Title II EFT payment was issued to a deceased representative payee.

B. References

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