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GN 02605.705 Erroneous ZIP Code Processing – Change of Address (COA)

A. Introduction for erroneous ZIP code processing

Questionable ZIP Codes may be determined by the ZIP +4 software. Erroneous ZIP Codes can occur if the U.S. Postal Service database information is incorrect or if the address information keyed contains errors (i.e., South Dr instead of South St).

ZIP Code Alerts may be generated by Central Office (CO) to the Program Centers (PCs) or field offices (FOs) when there are ZIP Code discrepancies.

B. Procedure for questionable address information

Use the following instructions to verify questionable address information:

  • Confirm street spellings, directionals, house number ranges, etc., with the United States Postal Service (USPS) ZIP Code Directory.

  • Contact your local post office to investigate if unable to verify an address using the ZIP Code Directory.

  • Verify address format entered per USPS standards.

  • Rekey any address corrections needed for spelling, abbreviations, directionals, format, etc.

C. Procedure for ZIP code error

If the address is properly verified and keyed and the ZIP Code determined by the ZIP +4 software is still in error, input a 9-digit ZIP or use a systems override to input the correct ZIP as follows:

1. Title XVI

Input the ZIP Code override using the S0 field as instructed in SM 01005.100 and SM 01301.365.

2. Title II

  • Key a 9-digit ZIP Code of a ZIP Code Flag via MONET, ZIP Code maintenance data screen (ZIPM) to correct an erroneous ZIP Code on the MBR.

  • Use a ZIP Code override (ZIP Code Flag) only after all attempts to correct the address spelling and format proved unsuccessful. (For additional information on Title II ZIP Code Flags, see GN 02605.710).

  • Notify the Regional Office (RO) staff responsible for the ZIP Code workload, if the address verified as correct and the ZIP Code determined by the ZIP +4 software was incorrect. Provide the RO with account numbers and address data.


D. Reference

GN 02605.900, Postal Addressing Standards

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