GN BOS02607.530 Processing Pups Alerts From The Massachusetts Department Of Correction Containing The Facility Code MA0060

A. Background - Massachusetts Department of Correction Facility Codes

The Massachusetts Department of Correction (3MAP) usually confines inmates under its jurisdiction in one of the correctional facilities listed in GN BOS02607.530D. These facilities are under the direct control of 3MAP.

B. Policy - Assignment of Facility Code MA0060 to the Massachusetts Department of Corrections

3MAP also confines inmates under its jurisdiction in other correctional facilities not under their direct control. These other facilities can be located anywhere throughout the United States. 3MAP refers to these facilities as County/Federal/Interstate (CFI) facilities.

Since the inmates in CFI facilities are still under 3MAP's jurisdiction, 3MAP must include these individuals on its regular monthly prisoner report submitted to the Social Security Administration (SSA).

To properly receive incentive payments for individuals confined in a CFI facility, 3MAP must use a unique facility code assigned to CFI facilities utilized by 3MAP. SSA has assigned 3MAP the new facility code MA0060 for this purpose. A PUPS alert containing a facility code of MA0060 indicates that the individual is under 3MAP's jurisdiction and is confined in a CFI facility.

C. Procedure - Developing a PUPS Alert with Facility Code MA0060

If you need more information to process a PUPS alert containing the facility code MA0060, you should contact 3MAP's Central Records Department at (978) 405-6133. You will need the individual's inmate number when you make your contact. The Central Records Department will be able to provide you with the same information that it now provides for inmates in facilities under 3MAP's direct control.

If the facility code on a PUPS record is MA0060, you should ask Central Records for the name of the facility where the individual is actually confined and you should annotate this information on the REMARKS screen on the appropriate PUPS record.

D. Codes for Facilities under the Direct Control of the Massachusetts Department of Corrections


Bay State Correctional Center


Longwood Treatment Center


MCI Norfolk


MCI Shirley


MCI Gardner


Old Colony Correctional Center (OCCC)


Cedar Junction