TN 10 (08-23)

GN 03102.400 Reconsideration of Claims Involving Railroad Compensation — Procedure

A. Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) verification

If an individual who has less than 120 service months or less than 60 service months after December 31, 1995 files for reconsideration claiming they have additional RRB compensation that can be used by Social Security Administration (SSA), send the relevant material from the system and the file to RRB for a determination using the following address.

Railroad Retirement Board

Attention: Chief, Certification Division

844 Rush Street

Chicago, IL 60611

B. No additional compensation

If no additional compensation is established, RRB will send an explanatory letter to claimant and include copy for our files.

Do not send an additional letter to the claimant unless request also includes issues other than RRB compensation.

C. Additional compensation

If RRB development establishes additional compensation, RRB will prepare a recertification of its records and notify the Processing Center (PC). The PC will take any necessary action based on the recertification.

D. Great Lakes Program Service Center (GLPSC) only

If a claimant, who is not entitled to social security benefits because RRB has survivor jurisdiction, insists SSA make a determination on their application for Title II benefits, request that RRB verify the survivor jurisdiction determination previously provided.

Only RRB has the authority to make a survivor jurisdiction determination, see RS 01601.100B.9.

Any evidence the claimant may furnish, e.g., evidence of non-RRB employment which might break the current connection, should be forwarded to RRB. If RRB verifies that a survivor's annuity or lump-sum death payment is, will, or could have been payable under the RRB, disallow the claim and treat as an initial and a reconsideration determination. Inform claimant in the letter of the right to hearing.

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