TN 16 (10-11)

GN 03103.001 Hearings

A. Hearings policy

A hearing is the next level of appeal if a claimant disagrees with a reconsideration (or a revised reconsideration) determination. An administrative law judge (ALJ) of the Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) conducts the hearing.

The expedited appeals process is an alternative to the administrative review process whereby a claimant files a civil action after receiving a reconsideration determination. For more information about when a claimant may use the expedited appeals process, see GN 03107.100.

B. References

  • For disability processing instructions, see DI 12010.000.

  • For Supplemental Security Income (SSI) instructions, see SI 04030.000.

  • For appeals involving reimbursement of Medicare claims, see HI 01205.005.

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