TN 9 (05-02)

GN 03106.010 Indigent Claimant — Proceedings In Forma Pauperis


The U.S. District Court may waive the cost of filing a complaint and allow the individual to proceed in forma pauperis. This action is solely the responsibility of the court. Field Offices (FOs) should not advise a claimant concerning in forma pauperis proceedings. If such a question is raised, FOs should:

  • Provide the claimant with the address of the Office of the Clerk of the appropriate U.S. District Court; and

  • Suggest that the claimant consult the clerk concerning this issue. (See for links to the U.S. Federal District Courts by state.

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GN 03106.010 - Indigent Claimant &mdash; Proceedings <Quote>In Forma Pauperis</Quote> - 05/22/2002
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