TN 1 (12-16)

GN 03313.055 Disclosure to the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB)

We provide general instructions for disclosing information from our systems of records to other Federal agencies and officials and a link to our systems of records and their applicable routine uses in GN 03313.001. If you receive a request from RRB, please contact your regional Privacy Act Coordinator.

The RRB administers comprehensive retirement-survivor and unemployment-sickness programs for the nation's railroad workers and their families, under the Railroad Retirement and Railroad Unemployment Insurance Acts. These programs meet our criteria for income maintenance and health maintenance programs. In connection with the retirement program, the RRB has administrative responsibilities under the Social Security Act for certain benefit payments and railroad workers' Medicare coverage. RRB also administers a representative payee program for which we may disclose information to RRB.

We may disclose certain tax and non-tax return information to RRB to administer the Railroad Retirement and Social Security Acts relating to railroad employment. For more information about disclosures of tax return information without consent to RRB, see GN 03320.015C.2.

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