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GN 03316.085 Disclosure Without Consent to Non-Federal Workers

A. Policy

Non-Federal workers, also referred to as student volunteers and host-enrollees, are individuals authorized by Federal law to perform many of the same duties performed by current SSA employees. Disclosure may be made to volunteers and non-Federal workers when they need access to SSA personal information to perform their assigned duties. SSA has established a routine use applicable to the majority of the Agency’s systems of records that allows volunteers and other non-Federal workers access to personal information in SSA files when performing their official duties.

The routine use provides that disclosure may be made to student volunteers and other workers, who technically do not have the status of Federal employees, when they are performing work for SSA as authorized by law, and they need access to personally identifiable information in SSA records in order to perform their assigned Agency functions.

These workers can be allowed access to any of the systems of records containing the routine use (see for a listing of the systems of records.

B. Procedure

SSA components which use non-Federal workers to access personal information in SSA records should follow all applicable personnel rules when using the services of such workers. This includes discussing the document “Important Privacy/Security Message to All Non-Federal Workers in the Social Security Administration,” and having non-Federal workers sign the document entitled “Certification of Non-Federal Worker.” See GN 03316.999, Exhibit 1, Information for Non-Federal Workers, for a copies of these documents.

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