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GN 03316.130 Disclosure Without Consent for Research and Statistical Purposes

A. Policy

1. General

Historically, SSA has provided data to government agencies and private organizations for research projects and studies. Generally, Federal laws permit disclosure of statistical data which do not contain personally identifiable information. However, personally identifiable data may made disclosed under certain circumstances where SSA has established a routine use applicable to a particular system of records allowing disclosure of information for a research or statistical purpose.

2. Disclosure for SSA-Approved Research Studies

In an effort to improve the quality of research designed to enhance the decision-making process in the Social Security program, SSA has established a routine use that allows disclosure of information to a Federal, State, or Congressional Support Agency (e.g., the Congressional Budget Office and the Congressional Research Staff in the Library of Congress) for research studies.

Disclosure may be made from the following systems of records:

  • 60-0050—Completed Determination Record—Continuing Disability Determinations;

  • 60-0058—Master Files of Social Security Number (SSN) Holders and SSN Applications;

  • 60-0090—Master Beneficiary Record;

  • 60-0103—Supplemental Security Income and Special Veterans Benefits;

  • 60-0202—Old Age, Survivors and Disability Beneficiary and Worker Records and Extracts (Statistics); and

  • 60-0211—Beneficiary, Family and Household Surveys, Records and Extracts System (Statistics).

B. Procedure

Refer requests concerning research proposals to the Office of Privacy and Disclosure, Office of the General Counsel, through the component Privacy Act Coordinator.

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