TN 3 (09-05)

GN 03325.004 Disclosure When Only the Social Security Number (SSN) is Provided to SSA


There are extremely rare cases in which SSA may provide identifying information to a requester when only the SSN is provided to SSA. Because of the difficulty of identifying an individual’s SSN record without sufficient identifying information, providing a name to match an SSN when no other identifying information (or identifiers) is provided is restricted to certain situations involving serious law enforcement activities or health and safety situations. Refer these cases to the Office of Privacy and Disclosure (OPD), Office of the General Counsel (OGC) (see and Disclosure . for contact information). Handle all other cases in which only an SSN is provided as potential Freedom of Information Act or Privacy Act denials. Respectively, see GN 03350.005B.3. and GN 03350.010.

NOTE: An individual may inscribe his/her SSN on personal property, which may later be stolen. Do not disclose the name of the SSN holder if it is requested for the purpose of returning stolen property with an inscribed SSN.

EXAMPLE: A law enforcement agency has possession of stolen property marked with an SSN, and wants the name of the number holder (NH) to whom the SSN is assigned, to return the property. DO NOT disclose the name of the NH because the disclosure criteria in this section are not met.

REMINDER: In cases in which a caller does not know the SSN of record, it is SSA’s policy not to disclose the SSN over the telephone even if disclosure is otherwise permitted. Advise the caller to make the request in writing or in person (see GN 03360.005A and GN 03340.015B.3.).

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