TN 13 (02-05)

GN 03920.045 Manual Calculation of Past-Due Benefits

A. Policy

Use Form SSA-1129-U3 (Representative Fee Case Past-Due Benefits Summary) (see exhibit in GN03920.065) to manually calculate the past-due benefits amount in the following situations:

  • court cases, when requested;

  • administrative review cases in which the reviewing official requests verification of the past-due benefits amount; and

  • the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) cases when the Administrative Law Judge or Administrative Appeals Judge specifically requests it.

B. Process

After the PC (or FO for T16) completes the SSA-1129-U3, place the original copy in the claim file and route a copy to the requesting office (the Office of the General Counsel, ODAR, or the reviewing official). (See GN 03920.065 Attorney Fee Case Past-due Benefits Summary (SSA-1129-U3) - Exhibit.)

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