TN 17 (03-05)

GN 03940.060 Fee Agreement Manual Notices


SSA has automated most of the fee agreement notice process; however, some notices remain manual actions. The fee agreement paragraphs and notices that are not systems generated include:

  • Title II “neutral language” paragraphs SSA uses when deferring authorization of a fee (see GN 03940.075).

  • Title II paragraphs SSA uses when a delayed auxiliary claim(s) is involved (see GN 03940.080).

  • Title XVI notices when SSA is authorizing fees to multiple representatives.

  • Title XVI notices when a representative who is eligible for direct payment waives a fee.

  • Title XVI notices when the authorized fee is manually calculated. It is necessary to manually calculate the fee to authorize in posteligibility cases and when including an eligible spouse’s past-due benefits in the husband or wife’s past-due benefits for representative fee purposes.

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