TN 6 (04-12)

GN 03970.020 Evaluation and Action on Field Office (FO) and Processing Center (PC) Referrals

A. Introduction to Center for Program Support (CPS) and Operations Support Branch (OSB) referrals

The Center for Programs Support (CPS) in each regional office and the Operations Support Branch (OSB) in each processing center is responsible for determining the category of fee violations as described in GN 03970.010.

B. CPS and OSB Procedure for total unauthorized fee violations, partial unauthorized fee violations, and non-fee violations

1. Determine the type of violation

Review the report to determine what type of violation has occurred and ensure that development is complete. See GN 03970.017B and GN 03970.017E. If any further development is necessary, request it from the appropriate Field Office (FO) or Processing Center (PC).

2. Referring the matter to the Office of the General Counsel (OGC)

If CPS or OSB believes that the record is adequately developed and that the record demonstrates that the representative engaged in misconduct, refer the record via e-mail to the appropriate Office of General Counsel (OGC) office using the electronic addresses listed in GN 03970.070A, attaching any development and evidence to the email.

Provide any non-electronic documentation to OGC via hand-delivery, U.S. mail, or Federal Express (depending on local practice) to the physical addresses listed in GN 03970.070B. Include a brief written summary of the facts and identify a referring office (FO or PC) point of contact. Provide a name, address, and telephone number for the contact and include all of the supporting non-electronic documents.

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