GN 04030.000 Administrative Finality - Special Situations (Title II only)

Subchapter Table of Contents
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GN 04030.010Administrative Finality - The Effect of a Revised Date of Birth More Than 4 Years after Initial DeterminationTN 6 08-07
GN 04030.030Reopening Deduction Determinations under Annual Earnings TestTN 6 08-07
GN 04030.040Reopening Deduction Determinations to Reduce or Eliminate OverpaymentTN 6 08-07
GN 04030.050Administrative Finality – Recomputations and RecalculationsTN 6 08-07
GN 04030.060Administrative Finality - Errors in Conversion Operations and Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs)TN 6 08-07
GN 04030.070Administrative Finality - Effect of Administrative Finality on Subsequent and Prior ClaimsTN 6 08-07
GN 04030.080Reopening When Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefits Offset is InvolvedTN 6 08-07
GN 04030.090Reopening When Government Pension Offset (GPO) is InvolvedTN 7 04-16
GN 04030.100Reopening When Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) is InvolvedTN 6 08-07
GN 04030.110Reopening When Multiple Errors are Discovered – Error on the Face of the EvidenceTN 6 08-07

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