TN 13 (12-10)

GN 04440.125 Recording Deficiencies

Record group I and group II deficiencies and other technical corrective actions (TCA) to the Office of Quality Review’s (OQR) legacy system if they are identified during the review process in a case that has been specifically selected for quality review (QR) or a special study; i.e., a sample case. Note that the only other TCA recorded for preeffectuation cases is the regulation basis code TCA.

See Details:

  • GN 04440.950 – Exhibit – Group I/II Deficiency Codes

  • GN 04440.951 – Exhibit – Other Technical Corrective Action Codes

Do not record any incorrect action to OQR’s legacy system that is not covered by the defined group I and group II deficiencies, or other TCAs. In addition, do not record any incorrect action if a case is identified as a non-sample case, regardless of whether it is covered by the group I or II deficiency or other TCA definitions. See the definition of other technical corrective actions in GN 04440.003B.3. Only deficiencies recorded to OQR’s legacy system are reported in the periodic QR reports.

NOTE: Continue to cite deficiencies when the error is unrelated to the program or policy changes under the grace period.

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