TN 8 (06-04)

GN 04440.212 Routing Chart -- Group I Work Activity Deficiencies

DQB Action

After FO/DDS Corrective Action


A.  Decisional Deficiency Involving SGA

  • DQB sends folder to FO using SSA-5524

  • Notifies DDS of deficiency

  • FO prepares SGA denial/cessation

  • After corrective action, copies of SSA-5524 and SSA-831/833 to DQB

  • Folder remains in FO

GN 04440.210C.1.


B.  Procedural Documentation Deficiency and Another Returnable Deficiency

  • DQB contacts the FO, then sends folder to DDS, if necessary

  • DQB contacts FO regarding unresolved work activity issue:

    • If no SGA denial/cessation, DQB sends folder to DDS for resolution of other deficiency

    • If SGA denial/cessation, DQB codes case as SGA denial and sends folder to FO for processing

GN 04440.211B.

C.  Procedural Documentation Deficiency Only – Unresolved Work Activity - DQB Action

GN 04440.211C.

1.  Work Activity Documented on MCS

  • DQB takes necessary corrective action

  • Sends SSA-1774 to DDS without folder

  • Sends folder to FO

GN 04440.211C.1.

2. Work Activity Not Documented on MCS

  • DQB contacts FO to resolve work activity deficiency

  • Sends SSA-1774 to DDS

GN 04440.211C.2.

a. SGA Denial/Cessation Appropriate

  • FO effectuates denial/cessation

  • FO returns SSA-5524/831/833 to DQB

  • Folder remains in FO

GN 04440.211D.1.

2.b. SGA Denial Not Appropriate – Onset Remains the Same

  • FO effectuates allowance

  • FO returns SSA-5524/831/833 to DQB

  • FO sends folder to storage facility

GN 04440.211D.2.

2.c. SGA Denial Not Appropriate; Onset Changes – Possible Earlier Onset

  • FO returns folder to DQB for correction/development of onset date

GN 04440.211D.3.

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