TN 8 (06-04)

GN 04440.224 Correcting Group II Onset Date Documentation Deficiencies Post-Effectuation - Title II Only Reconsideration Cases

A. Policy-corrective action

If an interim onset date (IOD) can be established so that a claimant can begin receiving payments, and none of the conditions listed in GN 04440.222A. exist, the adjudicating component will correct the case after effectuation of the determination. The folder and SSA-831-C3/U3 will be routed to the FO for effectuation of the determination and necessary action on the reconsideration claim. The deficiency return and supporting documentation will be faxed to the adjudicating component.

The procedure in GN 04440.224B. will also be followed for initial cases in which the folder must first go to the FO; i.e., cases involving unresolved capability issues or cases in which the beneficiary has a DAA condition and is incapable of managing his/her benefits. See GN 04440.223A.

See DI 11010.120 for a further explanation of when a partial award can be made.

NOTE: Refer to GN 04440.228 for processing cases with a work activity documentation deficiency that could affect the onset date.

B. Procedure-review component

Take the following action:

1. SSA-831-C3/U3 Action

  • Establish an IOD and make a pen-and-ink correction to the onset date on the SSA-831-C3/U3 if IOD is different from the DDS EOD. Refer to GN 04440.217.

  • Annotate block 34 of the SSA-831-C3/U3:

    Return folder to (name of adjudicating component) after award payment - possible earlier onset date being developed. See DI 26510.095.

  • If there is an unresolved capability issue, add the following remark: Capability Unresolved. See DI 26510.095.

  • If the claimant has a DAA condition, add the following remark: DAA not material - DAA condition (X, Y, or Z, as applicable). See DI 26510.095.

  • Approve the SSA-831-C3/U3.

  • Place a copy of the annotated SSA-831-C3/U3 in the claims folder.

2. Deficiency return

a. Prepare an SSA-1774-U5 to the adjudicating component and:

  • Request development of a possible earlier onset date.

  • Attach photocopies of folder documentation supporting the deficiency and a Form SSA-827 (Authorization for Source to Release Information).

  • Instruct the adjudicating component to return the corrected case to the review component.

  • Advise the adjudicating component to request the folder from the FO if onset development is completed before the folder is received in the adjudicating component.

b. Release copies of the SSA-1774-U5 in accordance with GN 04440.501.

3. DICARS action

  • Code the appropriate group II onset date documentation deficiency.

  • Control the return.

4. Additional actions

  • If the IOD is later than the claimant's AOD, prepare a personalized explanation per DI 26530.015.

  • Release the notice.

  • Effectuate the determination or send the case for effectuation.

  • Send the folder to the FO. Prepare a Form SSA-567 (Notice of Subsequent Handling) and annotate it with the following remark:

    Please effectuate payment. Send the folder to (name of the adjudicating component) - possible earlier onset date being developed. See DI 26510.095.

REMINDER: Upon completion of all corrective action and return of the corrected case, enter the results data onto DICARS.

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