TN 19 (02-13)

GN 04440.233 Diary Entry Technical Corrective Action (TCA)

A. Policy for a diary entry TCA

Correct an incorrect diary date on a determination form for both quality assurance and pre-effectuation review cases when:

  • the diary entry date is incorrect; and

  • the difference between the established date and the correct date is more than 3 months.

The review component ordinarily should not change a correct diary date entry merely to “update” it. For an explanation of when diary date edits occur, see SM 05905.048 through SM 05905.056.

B. Procedure for a diary entry TCA

1. Determining the correct diary date

Determine the correct diary date by the diary type, and either:

  • the date the adjudicating component adjudicated the claim; or

  • the date of a review component prepared determination form when the review component assumes jurisdiction.

For a further explanation of setting diaries, see:

2. Correcting the determination form

Correct the incorrect diary entry on the determination form and input the corrected diary date into the Office of Quality Review legacy system. For an explanation of how to correct determination forms, see GN 04440.237.

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