TN 54 (04-19)

GN 04440.505 Completing the SSA-847-U3, SSA Request for Case Action

A. Background on using the SSA-847-U3

Review components use the SSA-847-U3 to return technical corrective actions (TCAs) to adjudicating components.

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NOTE: Review components do not return group I and group II deficiencies to adjudicating components using form SSA-847-U3. Quality reviewers cite all group I and group II deficiencies on an SSA-1774-U5, Request for Corrective Action, form.

B. Procedure for completing the SSA-847-U3

1. Field site completion of the SSA-847-U3

The Office of Quality Review (OQR) case processing system propagates the following information into the SSA-847-U3:

  • claimant’s SSN,

  • claimant’s name,

  • claim type,

  • claim level, and

  • name of the adjudicating component.

For all other fields, quality reviewers mark the appropriate boxes and fill in the corresponding text, when appropriate.

2. Remarks for the SSA-847-U3

In the Remarks section of the SSA-847-U3, quality reviewers must include the following:

  • a rationale for the return,

  • appropriate policy references supporting the rationale,

  • corrective action required (if applicable), and

  • subsequent folder routing instructions.

3. Disposition of the SSA-847-U3

All disability components should be able to view the SSA-847-U3 in the certified electronic folder. Quality reviewers upload the SSA-847-U3 to OQR's case processing system, at case clearance, using "Action" under the Forms Info tab.

NOTE: The OQR Weekly Deficiency Report only includes information for TCAs recorded as regulation basis code changes. No other types of TCAs are reflected in the weekly report.

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