TN 8 (02-17)

GN 05002.009 Social Security Benefit Statement-Box 2, Beneficiary’s Social Security Number

A. Explanation of Box 2 and how it differs from Box 8

The SSN shown in Box 2 is the beneficiary’s and is a mandatory entry. It is possible that the SSN in Box 2 will differ from the claim number shown in Box 8 of the benefit statement. This is because the claim number in Box 8 is the number from which benefits are paid.

B. Incorrect Box 2 SSN

Since Box 2 of the benefit statement displays the Beneficiary's Own Account Number (BOAN) as shown on the MBR, it is possible the MBR could show no BOAN or an incorrect one. The beneficiary may inquire about an incorrect or missing SSN on the benefit statement.

C. Policy for missing or incorrect Box 2 SSN

1. Beneficiary has SSN

If the beneficiary has an SSN, obtain it and correct the MBR via the MONET Beneficiary's Reference Data (BREF) screen for input. Instructions for updating the Beneficiary Own Account Number (BOAN) are in MSOM (See MSOM T2PE 007.038)

2. Beneficiary has no SSN

If the beneficiary has no SSN, obtain an SS-5 using the instructions in RM 10205.000. (Regardless of age, anyone entitled to benefits after June 1989, must have an SSN. See RM 10205.090.)

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