TN 6 (01-08)

GN 05002.012 Benefits Repaid - Box 4

Box 4 of the SSA-1099 shows benefits repaid to SSA during the year.

A. Description of Amount in Box 4

Below Box 4 is a box “Description of Amount in Box 4”. This contains a description of how all repayments were made.

B. List of Legends

The following legends along with a brief description may be shown:

  • Checks Returned to SSA — Includes the amount of all Social Security checks returned to SSA;

  • Deductions for Work or Other Deductions — This may include the amount withheld to recover title II overpayments for the beneficiary, or an overpayment to another beneficiary under section 204(a) of the Act; any internal adjustments under annual enforcement operations; or an amount in facility of payment provision adjustment before 1996;

  • Other Repayments — this may include amounts paid to SSA in cash, by check or money order, excluding Medicare premiums.

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