TN 8 (02-17)

GN 05002.070 PSC Response

A. Policy for priority handling

All requests received between January 31 and April 15 should be given priority handling. Give requests priority handling in the following order:

  • Requesters with tax liability. These cases are given priority as the April 15 tax filing deadline nears.

  • Third Requests

  • Second Requests

The PSC will strive to answer all inquiries prior to April 15.

B. Procedure for handling benefit statement inquiries

1. Preliminary Handling

  • Direct third requests to a PSC manager.

  • Distribute the remaining requests to a “subject matter” specialist in the unit; and

  • Annotate whether the response may be by telephone or letter, and which “paragraph” to use in the response.

2. Answering Inquiries

Although PSC technicians process nearly all requests without the claims folder, you may determine the claims folder is needed in a few cases to answer inquiries.

  • If you need the claims file, associate the request with the claims folder. The module specialist will review the request and file.

  • If you do not need the claims file, answer the request by phone when possible or with a written response.

3. Corrective Action Needed

When a beneficiary needs a corrected benefit statement,

  • prepare input document, SSA-1257 to change the PHUS; and

  • complete the TSY entry on the SSA-1257. This automatically notifies Central Office/Systems to issue a corrected benefit statement.

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