TN 8 (05-95)

GN 05010.245 Waiver of Recovery of Overpayments


As shown in GN 05010.220, SSA waives recovery of the tax portion of the overpayment when the overpayment is computed. Thus, waiver development undertaken in connection with the overpayment notice involves only the amount the beneficiary is asked to repay.

The administrative adjustment is not part of the overpayment and is not subject to waiver.


Do not include the administrative adjustment amount when showing the overpayment amount on the SSA-635 (Waiver Determination).

If the amount posted to ROAR (Recovery of Overpayments and Accounts Receivable) includes an administrative adjustment, delete the overpayment amount shown on the SSA-635 and the administrative adjustment.


A has been overpaid. The amount ($500.00) posted to ROAR includes the $372.50 which he has been asked to repay and an administrative adjustment of $127.50.

A determination is made to waive recovery of the $372.50. The SSA-635 shows this as the overpayment amount for which recovery is waived. When action is taken to delete the $372.50 overpayment from ROAR, the $127.50 administrative adjustment is also deleted.

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