GN 99002.203 Offer of Spanish Language Applications Accepted

When an offer to use Spanish language application is accepted, make certain to use only the Spanish version of the applications. All items on a Spanish language form are numbered to exactly correspond to the items on the equivalent English version of the form. Most items on the applications, such as date of birth, name, social security number, and questions answerable by check blocks, remain the same in Spanish and English and, thus, do no require translation. Attach a copy of the English version to the Spanish application for easy reference during processing.

Write remarks or narratives in English on an SSA-795, Statement of Claimant or Other Person. Occasionally, an entry must be made on an application which requires the use of Spanish terminology, such as the claimant's occupation. When this occurs, make the entry in Spanish with the English translation appearing in parentheses above the Spanish entry.

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GN 99002.203 - Offer of Spanish Language Applications Accepted - 01/08/1997
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