TN 14 (03-01)

RS 00205.500 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974


Public Law 93-380 and Public Law 93-568

A. Policy

No Federal funds shall be made available to a school that releases the records of its students without their written consent.

EXCEPTION: The records can be released without written consent if the request is in connection with a student's application for, or receipt of, financial aid.

NOTE: The SSA-1372 contains the student's authorization for the school to release any information to SSA as it pertains to any past, present or future Social Security benefits.

B. Procedure

1. General

Treat SSA benefits as financial aid for the purposes of these statutes.

Do not delay processing a case to obtain a consent statement. If the school insists on a separate consent statement, obtain one from the student.

2. School insists on consent statement

Use the following statement over the student's signature:


I hereby authorize (the school's name) to release complete information concerning my attendance or enrollment to the Social Security Administration. This information is necessary to determine my entitlement to Social Security benefits.

3. Student refuses to sign consent statement

If the student refuses to sign the consent statement, inform him/her that entitlement will terminate (RS 00205.400C.5., step 5) or that the claim will be denied (disallowance code 64, failure to establish other requirements for entitlement, SM 00380.100) unless acceptable evidence is submitted. If the consent statement or secondary evidence is not submitted, take appropriate action.

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