TN 15 (01-03)

RS 00205.730 FTA Outside the United States

A. Introduction

In some countries (e.g., Italy, Germany and some parts of Canada), secondary schools can provide education beyond the grade 12 (or year 12) level. Thus, a student can be attending an EI and not be considered in FTA because his or her attendance is at a level above grade 12.

The school determines the student's grade or level of education. How many or how few years it took to reach that level is immaterial. If the school considers a student who is repeating grade 12 to be in grade 12, then SSA considers that student to be in grade 12.

B. Policy

Attendance beyond the grade 12 level is not FTA for Social Security purposes.

The SSA-1372-BK-FC is evidence of FTA only if both the student's statement and the school official's certification have been completed and show FTA.

C. Procedure

Deny the claim if the SSA-1372-BK-FC or other evidence shows the student is enrolled beyond the grade 12 level.

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