TN 15 (01-03)

RS 00205.760 Foreign School Official Does Not Supply FTA Information


Contact the school directly by telephone, by mail or in person if the school official will not complete (or the student says the school official will not complete) the school official's certification portion of the SSA-1372-BK-FC (or other SSA form), or provide equivalent information.


If the school does not complete

the form because:

the FO or FSP will:

of restrictions on the completion of foreign government forms,

secure the needed information and enter it on the SSA-1372-BK-FC, a Report of Contact (RC) or other form. Annotate the form as to how the information was obtained.

the student is not in FTA,

ascertain exactly when the student's FTA ceased and document this fully on an RC or other form.

Advise the student of the information from the school and give him or her an opportunity (generally 15 days) to submit evidence of FTA if he or she disagrees with the school. If the evidence is not submitted within the given time, take action to have the claim denied. Be sure the file contains a copy of the notice to the student or a report of the interview with him or her about the non-FTA.

of any other reason,

ascertain and document the reason. Develop secondary evidence of FTA (e.g., school reports or statements to the student, school receipts, etc.).

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