TN 100 (11-23)

RS 00605.040 1965 NS Method

A. Policy

To be eligible for a 1965 NS method, the NH must:

1. Eligibility Requirements

  1. a. 

    Establish RIB or DIB entitlement based on applications effectively filed after 1965, first payable 1/66; or

  2. b. 

    Die after 1965 with no prior entitlement; or

NOTE: A DIB which terminated due to medical recovery or SGA is not considered prior entitlement for this purpose.

  1. c. 

    Qualify for a recomputation or recalculation (The NH must have creditable earnings in some amount for a year after 1965 in which they were entitled to benefits. The qualifying earnings need not be a high year.) ; and

  2. d. 

    Be ineligible for either the 1978 NS method or the NS Transitional Guarantee.

2. Elapsed Years

Elapsed years are determined as follows:

  1. a. 

    RIB Computation - years after 1950 up to 1961 or the year of attainment of age 62, whichever is later (for males born before 1/2/13 see e. below)

  2. b. 

    DIB Computation - years after 1950 up to the earlier of:

    • year in which the waiting period begins;

    • retirement age (see e. below);

    • If no waiting period, the year of entitlement to DIB.

  3. c. 

    Survivor Computation - years after 1950 up to the earlier of the year of:

    • death;

    • attainment of retirement age (see e.) but never earlier than 1961.

  4. d. 


    • Years before age 22.

    • Years wholly or partially within a period of disability (if a higher PIA results and insured status is met).

  5. e. 

    Retirement age - Retirement age for males born before 01/02/11 is age 65. Men born from 01/02/11 through 01/01/13 or whose claims were adjudicated before 11/72 are deemed to have reached retirement age in 1975. Men born after 1/1/13 whose claims were adjudicated after 10/72 and all women reach retirement age at age 62.

3. Base Years, Computation Years, and Divisor Months

Base Years, computation years, and divisor months are determined as under 78 NS method, See RS 00605.017 ff.

B. Procedure

To determine the PIA:

  • Total the allowable earnings (up to the yearly FICA maximum) in the computation years to determine the dividend. These earnings are not indexed.

  • Use table A of the computation and benefit tables to locate the PIA.

  • When the AME has been determined under the 1965 NS method, the applicable PIA can be derived from the AME using the table in Section 215(a) of the ACT as in effect prior to 1/79 and as revised by any subsequent COL increases. (See RS 00605.950) Determine the AME by dividing the dividend by divisor months (dropping any amount less than $1). To find the PIA, locate the average monthly wage in Column III of the table; the current PIA appears on the same line in Column IV of the table.

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