TN 107 (12-23)

RS 00605.225 Non-Freeze Computation

A. Policy

The law provides that a period (or periods) of disability may be ignored if the result increases the benefit amount or permits entitlement. To qualify for a non-freeze computation the NH must be insured in the first month of entitlement for the current benefit without considering the period(s) in question.

B. Procedure

1. Insured Status

Determine if insured status is met for current benefits without the application of the freeze period. If met, continue with 2.

2. Calculation of PIA

  1. a. 

    Calculate the PIA in the first month of entitlement without regard to freeze period, using regular rules for elapsed years and base years.

  2. b. 

    Compare with the freeze PIA for the same month and the DIB guarantee PIA, if any, and select the largest PIA.

3. Example

Bob, DOB 4/18/24, filed a claim for DIB on 7/20/83. Their onset was established as 10/3/81. Their waiting period can begin no earlier than 17 months prior to their date claim filed. Their waiting period begins on 2/1/82 and this is their assumed age 62. Their freeze period begins on 10/3/81 and ends on 2/1/85, the month they are assumed to attain age 65. For the freeze computation, their elapsed years are 51-80 and their computation years are 25 (30 minus 5). The base years are 1951-1981 and no years are excluded. The benchmark year is 1981.

Bob has earnings in 1982. This year is excluded in the freeze computation. They are insured as of 2/1/82, the first month of the waiting period. A non-freeze computation may be used to include 1982 earnings and increase the PIA effective 1/83 (DIB recomputation). The benchmark year is 1982. The elapsed years are 51-81 and the computation years are 26 (31 minus 5). The base years are 1951-1982.

In 4/89, at age 65, the DIB is converted to a RIB using the same DIB PIA. However a trial RIB computation must be made to determine if a higher PIA is possible. The RIB freeze computation would have a 1981 benchmark year based on the DIB onset. However, earnings from 1982 through 1988 are excluded. A RIB non-freeze PIA is based on a 1986 benchmark year (actual age 62). If this PIA exceeds the DIB guarantee PIA, it will be used effective 4/89.

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