TN 28 (08-99)

RS 00605.405 Recomputations and Administrative Finality


A recomputation is a new initial determination. A recomputation uses only correct information. A PIA that is incorrect but barred to correction by administrative finality will remain the PIA of record (COLAs apply as they occur) until a PIA computed using correct information exceeds it. Consider a recomputation for each additional base year of earnings. If the resulting PIA is lower than the PIA of record, the recomputation will not be processed. See GN 04030.050 for more detailed information about this and other related issues.

NOTE: The correct information to be used in the recomputation refers to computation factor information (ELY, bend points etc.) A decision to impose WEP, GPO or PDB offset is not a computation factor. That decision is subject to the same rules for reopening as any other determination such as a person’s age or disability status.

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